Setup Custom Domain for A Blogger Blog: A Complete Guide

Blogger is really amazing platform for new bloggers and those who want to start blog but without spending money or want to spend a little money. bloggers provides you a free blogspot domain for your blog. URL of Blogspot blog look like this:

A blogspot URL doesn’t look very great. if you can invest a little amount then you can buy a top level custom domain and setup that domain for your blogger blog. A custom domain has many added advantages over a .blogspot domain name.

Why should you use a custom domain for your Blogger blog?

Buying a domain name is not very expensive, you can get a .com domain in 10$-12$. if you use a custom domain for your blog then you look more serious about your blogging. A Custom domain looks far better than blogspot sub-domain. for SEO you will work on building back links and latter if you plan to migrate your blog to WordPress, a custom domain name will ensure that you will not miss out on that precious link juice. these are some of benefits you get using custom domain instead of blogspot URL –

  • Better Branding
  • More Trust on Social Media
  • SEO Advantage
  • Better Exposure in search engines
  • Custom Email ID like

Useful Tips To Buy A Good Domain Name

Selecting a good domain name is really important, as for the lifetime your blog will be known by that name. Now these days its hard to get a desired domain name as most of the popular and common words on top level domain names were already taken. these are some useful tips you should keep in mind while selecting a domain for your blog.

OK, Now i think you are ready with your domain name and purchased it from Godaddy or any other domain name service provider.

Guide To Setup Custom Domain for A Blogger Blog

To Setup a custom domain for your blogger blog you have to make changes on both blogger and domain. first you have to start from blogger blog.

FIRST STEP : Custom Domain Setup Settings With Blogger

Login to your blogger account and go Blogger Dashboard. Then Move to Settings > Basic from from left sidebar. You will find +Set up a third-party URL for your blog  option under Publishing > Blog Address. 

Setup Custom Domain Blogger Blog Step 1

To Add Custom Domain Click on +Set up a third-party URL for your blog Option below your Blogger URL.

Setup Custom Domain Blogger Blog Step 2Type Your Custom Domain Name in Third-party domain settings and click on Save Button.

Add www as prefix to you custom domain in Third-party domain settings

When You Click on Save, you will see an error saying “We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12.

Setup Custom Domain Blogger Blog Step 3

don’t worry you are going in right direction and this error is a part of this process to setup custom domain. with error it will gives you two CNAME records to configure with your domain registrar’s website. first CNAME is common for all bloggers Host “www” Points To “”. second CNAME is different for all blogs.

SECOND STEP : CNAME and A Record Setting With Domain Registrar’s Website

Now you have two CNAME Records form your blogger blog and have to setup with domain registrar’s website. Go to your domain registrar’s website. here we are using Godaddy. don’t worry if you have registered your domain some where else, process will be similar.

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Setup Custom Domain Blogger Blog Step 4

Login and go to your Domains Section. you can easily find Manage DNS option. click on Manage DNS. this will open DNS settings for your domain.

Setup Custom Domain Blogger Blog Step 5

Now you have to Add CNAME records in DNS zone so click on ADD. A box for DNS setting will open. select CNAME as Type. type “www” in Host and type “” in Points to. click on Save.

Setup Custom Domain Blogger Blog Step 6

Again Click on ADD and add second CNAME record.

Setup Custom Domain Blogger Blog Step 7

OK, Now CNAME records are added. Now you have to add 4 IP Address in A Records.

4 IP Address to Add in A Records


click on ADD. this time select A in Type. type “@ in Host and type “” in Points to and click Save.

Setup Custom Domain Blogger Blog Step 8Repeat this process 3 more times with other 3 remaining IP Address.

Now switch back tab to blogger and click on Save. you will see a screen like this

Setup Custom Domain Blogger Blog Step 9OK, its done but wait a minute. we have to fix one last thing. click on Edit next to your custom domain.

Setup Custom Domain Blogger Blog Step 9

check the box below your custom domain which says “Redirect to” and click Save. now its completely done. it will redirect your non-www traffic to www traffic.

Tip: If your blogging on blogger with free blogspot domain then use a custom domain as soon as possible for better branding.

The whole process is really easy but still if you stuck somewhere then feel free to let me know via comment section below. i will be happy to help you.

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