Things You Should Consider While Choosing A Blogger Template

Things You Should Consider While Choosing A Blogger Template

Google’s Blogger Platform Comes with some simple templates. these templates are really simple but not good enough to create an amazing blog. every blogger wants to look his blog great and cool. there are lots of free and premium blogger templates available online.

You can easily download blogger templates from many website. to download and upload a blogger template is not a tough task but choosing a perfect template for your blog is really tricky. you can not choose a blogger template by its look.

Why You Should be Careful While Choosing a Blogger Template?

If you select a blogger just on the its look then you may mess with some other things that may matter more. you have to consider some other important things. In this technorial, we are going to list these important things you should consider, so you can choose the perfect template for your blogger blog.

  1. Fast Loading – Your Blogger should have a good loading speed. if your blog speed is slow then it will irritate users and they will look for other options.
  2. Layout and Sidebars – Layout and number of sidebars depends on your requirement and blog niche. You may find may templates with lots of colors, complex layouts and flashy animations but users like simple Layout rather than complex a Layout. Two Column Template works for most of the bloggers.
  3. Responsive – Time has changed and now you can see more and more users are on small screens like mobile and tablets so you must use a responsive template.
  4. Browser Compatibility – Before using a template you must check it on different browser. your template should be compatible to all browser.
  5. SEO Friendliness – You Know how important is SEO for a blog so you have to use a template who is SEO Friendly.
  6. Ads Ready – Most of the bloggers want to monetize their blog to earn money. Some Blogger Template has options to add Ads easily so it will be better to use a Ads Ready template.
  7. Email Subscription Widget – Email Subscription is a good way to increase your blog traffic. if you want to build a Email Subscription list then you should get a template that comes with a good looking Email Subscription Widget.
  8. Slideshow and Featured Post  – This Option Completely depends on your requirements. if you need slideshow then pick a template that comes with slideshow option otherwise use a simple template.
  9. Ratings and Reviews – Before using a template for your blog you must read ratings and review comment. in review comment you may get experience by other users on that template.
  10. Other – Social Bookmark Ready, Drop Down Menu, Post Thumbnails, Related Posts Widget, YouTube Video Responsiveness and a Custom 404 Page are the other factors you must keep in mind while choosing a blogger template.
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